About PictureBook Plays

A PictureBook Play is exactly what it sounds like: a play created from a picture book.  What differentiates this pedagogy from “acting out a story” is the emphasis on process, child-initiated choices, and the self-confidence of the lead educator as a coach.

Developed by SerahRose Roth (a theatre artist) and Dr. Sharon A. Roth (an early childhood educator) to address a need in the early childhood community, PictureBook Plays coaches educators with little or no experience as theatre artists into a space where they can confidently lead their students through a valuable artistic process.

Rather than acting as a “director” educators become guides: they give their students opportunities for making their own artistic choices; they encourage their students to bravely use their bodies and voices in expressive ways; and they offer solutions for becoming respectful and enthusiastic play-makers.  Students gain not just an appreciation for a respected art form, but become expressive community members.

Sharon and SerahRose are available to lead workshops with educators and pre-service teachers as well as modeling this pedagogy directly with students.

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