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Plays Have Rhythm Too

Few people realize that theatre is full of rhythmic moments: the action can be fast or slow, characters speak at different moments, sound effects like clocks and birds create shifts within the scene. You can see it in the picture … Continue reading

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Showing Emotions

Using your face when you act out a story helps share the story with your audience. You can practice using your face, and exploring emotions with your students. Have everyone sit in a circle. If you like, you can start … Continue reading

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List Your Classes on this Site!

Although there is an abundance of music and dance classes for young children, it is difficult to find theatre opportunities. Please send me a note about your program or of programs you recommend and I will gladly include a link.

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Find me please, madame technorati!

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The Costume Bin

Children already play pretend so it’s easy to include theatre in your everyday routine: Add a costume bin to your classroom or playroom. Put in several (not too many, it can be overwhelming) pieces of cloth and a couple articles … Continue reading

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Why PictureBook Plays?

This is a blog designed for several purposes: To gather & share theatre resources for the educators and parents of preschool children ages 2-5 years. To convince parents and educators that just as we include visual art and music in … Continue reading

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