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The Mouse Crawls in and Tickles the Bear’s Nose

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Toddlers Like to Play Too

My daughter came with me while I taught. She’s only 14 months old, but she still participated in the movement exercise, Guided Imagery. Here they are being wind together:

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PictureBook Plays Goes to Greenfield Community College

The students of ECE: Creative Experiences and I had a lovely time playing last week. We started out with some wiggly warm-ups to loosen everyone up, played some grown-up improv games to get everyone in the story-telling mind-set, played some … Continue reading

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Book of the Week: The Happy Egg

I stumbled across The Happy Egg a couple of years ago. It was written by Ruth Krauss and  illustrated by my old favorite Crockett Johnson (creator of Harold and the Purple Crayon). The pictures are deceptively simple. I say deceptively … Continue reading

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Academic Benefits of Arts Learning

I discovered this easy-to-read article about the benefits of arts education, specifically, in early childhood education. Here’s a pertinent excerpt: A Harris Poll taken in 2005 measured American’s attitudes toward arts education and found that an astounding 93% agreed that … Continue reading

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Teaching at Greenfield Community College on November 20th

I will be teaching a workshop at Greenfield Community College for early childhood teachers as part of their “Creative Experiences” class.  For many of them, it will be their first and only exposure to theatre.  Hopefully, it will inspire them … Continue reading

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