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Cap Selling Never Gets Old

I took a trip down memory lane this week as a I sifted through old family photos and slides, scanned in recent years to prevent their permanent decay. I was delighted to find this photo, circa 1982   I hope … Continue reading

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Dot & Ziggy in Chicago

I’ve been sitting on a couple of articles, waiting for the perfect time to respond.  Actually, no, there is no perfect time….I’ve been waiting to figure out how to formulate a response to two very different articles about small children … Continue reading

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Spontaneous Performance

Our days feel like one commitment after another with every minute allotted for something pressing or precious. What happens if we take advantage of the unexpected unscheduled moments?  Where will that lead our teaching?  Where will that lead our children? … Continue reading

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To the Ladies of Savannah

You might not miss us, but we miss you.  Actually, we miss your weather.  After a really nice 60+ degree break, we’re back dodging snow storms.  As I write this, it is still snowing and hailing after two days of … Continue reading

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We’re Going to Savannah in 2011!

Southern Early Childhood Association just told us that we’ll be heading to Savannah, Georgia in January of 2010 to present at their conference: Moving and Playing, Keeping Southern Children Healthy and Happy. Preschool Players:  Honoring Creative, Dramatic Choices in the … Continue reading

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Research Dearth

First of all, let me proclaim how much I adore the word dearth.  In my head, it should mean “abundance” but in actuality, it means scarcity.  So, when I have the chance to use it, it seems to possess a … Continue reading

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Taking Up Space

I love the feeling of space when I’m feeling expansive. I love the feeling of enclosure when I’m feeling comforted. This would be why sad children seek hugs, crawl under tables, and sleep well in small spaces.  This would also … Continue reading

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Budget Theatre-Going

I suppose in a country where going to a play on Broadway can cost a couple hundred dollars a ticket, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the neighborhood children’s theatres are following in their footsteps with tickets ranging from about … Continue reading

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Stage Mother

I’m about to put my own child through an experience that I would never wish on a three year old: a full blown dance recital.  I’m not entirely sure how I, a perfectly reasonable and well-informed children’s theatre specialist, managed … Continue reading

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PictureBook Review: Amazing Grace

In my ongoing search for picture books about plays, I can’t believe I forgot an old favorite, Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman and Caroline Binch.  Grace is a young girl who loves to act out stories.  The illustrations of her … Continue reading

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