Book of the Month: Stuck in the Mud

I stumbled upon this delightfully funny book, Stuck in the Mud, just published in February of this year.

One morning, a mother hen discovers one of her chicks is missing and stuck in the mud. She jumps in to rescue her but gets stuck as well. One by one, the farm animals jump in to the rescue, each getting stuck. Until, at the end, as we all hoped and expected, the little chick reveals that she wasn’t stuck at all. And out she hops.

The pictures are campy, but not too cartoonish, and the excitement level of the story is catching. The characters are clear, as is the story line. And, of course, it opens up a great discussion opportunity about responsibility, practical jokes, and honest mistakes. Not to mention, of course, farm animals.

This book is perfect for a round of PictureBook Plays:

  • There are multiple characters who each get their own acting moment.
  • The story is clear and to the point.
  • There is one overall objective to the story.
  • The use of animals means it is easy for actors to choose new and different characters, if they so desire
  • The illustrations add to the story and offer additional interpretive opportunities

Happy Reading!

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