Visiting Boston Children’s Museum

I had the opportunity to do a quickie consult at Boston Children’s Museum last week.  We had a blast and covered a LOT in one very short hour.

The Boston Children’s Museum (where I initially workshopped many of my ideas) has a gorgeous children’s theatre and some of the best plays for children I have ever seen.  They’re kid length(15-30 minutes), interactive, developmentally appropriate, and in a real theatre with real actors.

However, the space is under-utilized in between plays so the Program Director asked me to work with some of the Exhibit Interpreters to give them an introduction to children’s creative theatre play: what to expect, what they can learn, and what to play with.  They were a really enthusiastic bunch that participated fully, and asked wonderful, insightful questions.

Of course, I was too busy to remember to take a picture.  But the Arts Program Manager did send a really nice thank you:

THANK YOU so much! I had a great time, learned lots, and the staff were really energized by your workshop. You accomplished so much in an hour – I really appreciate your Skills!

Hopefully I’ll get to go back in a few months and see what they came up with!

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