D.C. Here We Come!

Just in case you forgot, we’re presenting at naeyc this year: 2009 Annual Conference & Expo in Washington, D.C.

And, I (SerahRose) have to admit that although I’m really excited to share PictureBook Plays with new folks, I think I may be more excited to bring my daughter along for some sight-seeing.  I love to travel (so does Sharon so I guess it’s in the genes!) and I love having mommy/daughter time in new places.

The last time I went to D.C. was with my mom as a young girl.  It was a mommy/daughter vacation and although I don’t remember much, I do remember loving it.  So, this city holds fond memories for me and I hope to create some new ones with all three of us.

We fly on Tuesday!

We’ll keep you posted on the conference.  It’s huge…20,000 people huge so there will be a lot to see, do, and report on.

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