Saying “yes” in life

On Thursday, we are presenting a workshop called “Saying ‘yes!’ to physical and vocal expression with your preschoolers.”  No one told us we’d be practicing saying “yes” to all our mistakes before we even got there.

  • SerahRose left the cord to her laptop at home.  Don’t worry, she has the mouse.
  • Sharon forgot paper. Just to write on. Plain old paper.
  • We have a handful of prospecti (we’re going to pretend that’s the plural for prospectus) for the book “Preschool Players” but we neglected to print out one very important inclusion…our CVs.
  • SerahRose only has about 20 biz cards in her purse.
  • Sharon forgot her vitamins.
  • Neither one of us remembered to go to AAA for a tour guide book, or even a map, so we are at the hands of the concierge.

But we’re still smiling, and letting go, which is the essence of saying “yes.”

Ah, and the wee-one is fast asleep in bed already so we’ll all wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after all is said and done.

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